come give yourself to your dove and find your love

look at me finding you inside me love me tonight

turn inside come out to your soul within

you are the one to transcend your babe’s skin

be silent

hear the sound catch the om hold your breath

feel the sound chat your om

dance with your breath now

be your breath

fill your space ring your fate in your silence

come reach within

evolve in silence

learning to go up learning to go down

like a new born dove

come slide with me

be my shadow be my light

be my lovely wings in your eternal flight

come live with me

let me take you on a journey

in everlasting bright day-light

come fly with me


birth is love made visible

love is life life is work

make it visible

birth is joy made visible

joy is work work is life

make it visible

birth is death made visible

death is the end the and is the beginning

make it visible

life is work work is love love is birth birth is death

love it live it leave it

make it ever so visible


if your friends are lovers of human kind

then they are lovers of eternal human soul

if your lovers temple their bodies

they find their minds shine with divine love of all

when you become your friend with within in within

you will find your eternal guest not even hidden

deep down in your heart alive in your soul

taking its wings in its hands flying away going

you are the host of your only eternal being

nothing else but body soul and mind

seeing each other in nothing but in dying and living

only then when you understand only here is your being

when you love a lover who also loves you in return

dies every moment and becomes alive and

will bum you in his dying with your loving of your life and death

only then only now you understand you are your only being

you will die when you are in love in every moment of truth

after which love will blossom into a garden of eternal youth

death will follow love in every shape and frame

only then when you understand this is your only game

truth is so simple when it comes from deep within your own heart

love is so divine when it's found in life and death an ultimate art

try please if you can it is divinely fail proof

it is so simple basic and not eternally aloof

not even a minute will it require of your time and tension

we just name two simple words and add a different structural dimension

all you do is read read again feel and understand

only then only now you understand what is at your end

love loves the beloved beloved loves the lover lover loves the beloved

misery begets misery miser beholds misery miser befriends misery

are you a miser who befriended his misery

by putting it in hiding it away in an untouchable

in a very deep impenetrable womb in his soul

who can not write and especially read at all


you won't understand

just go away

to your eternal death

are you a lover who loves his love and lover

by giving it away receiving it back over and over

loving hating laughing crying singing

living and dying every moment of truth in joy then

come to me  sing with me dance

for me for you are me I am you

host and guest life and death we are one in life

for our eternal celebration of the day has just begun


whenever I descend

into the darkness of my mind's

empty magical mysterious place I always dissolve

into a most colorful and vast untouched enchanting space

this never ending dying in living

excites my heart blows my mind apart

at any moment it could happen in death

I witness the magic would immediately start

however afraid I might be

before I partake of such ritual

of enticing fate I expect to meet almost anyone

but always especially my devoted eternal mate

this never ending searching in dying

slows down my heart and subdues my mind 

at that moment it would happen 

in death I would discover my beloved'a eternal bind

whenever I return from the edges of

such incredible timeless memory-land

always am I provided  with a book

describing my travels in this irresistible story land

this never ending receiving in dying

fills me with such a subtle divine light

at these moments one feels nothing

but a tremendous gratitude for such a glorious flight