in the name of in the name of all


welcome to our site our abode

take a break slow down  relax 

breathe slowly empty your mind

start learning how to learn

to breathe sing dance work pray in different ways

unlock your silent keys  to being here now and beyond

get grounded in body and soul

start your journey for upcoming days

into your hidden womb descend in many ways

reach your endless roots

extend your ever reaching wings

to unreachable heavens ascend into thy eternal rings

reaching your host within

you’ll find everything

not anymore hidden

if you are ready and lucky to be blessed

with joy and laughter in eternity

come and become part of Thee in within

come look around read listen watch think

analyze us as much and as long you dare

and if you like what you see come back

if not why not

still not then thank you for dropping by

in peace go your way and fare well